Crane Rentals

  MARTIN offers a large fleet of cranes, including hydraulic, rough terrain, truck cranes and crawler cranes from six tons to 500 tons.  Our cranes are available for hourly, weekly and monthly rentals.  Also, we offer 24-hour emergency services. 


  MARTIN is the oldest demolition company in Indiana.  We have the equipment, the personnel, and the expertise to demolish any building. 

Machinery Moving

  Even the largest machines are no match for MARTIN.  We can move virtually any machine, anywhere.  Whether you need machinery moved from one location to another, within your facility, or over long distance. MARTIN can move it across the continental United States.  

Mobile Lifts

  These machines work like an overhead crane in areas too small for either a hydraulic or a conventional crane.  Our mobile lifts can move with ease through a warehouse while relocating a piece of equipment.

Dump Truck Services

  Tri and Quad axle Dump Trucks available via hourly rates.


  MARTIN is involved in the reducing  of volume or size of the different types of debris material.  In using our Eagle Crusher, we can recycle concrete, block, brick and asphalt into the various sizes of stone.

Forklifts Lift Rental

  We offer several types of Forklifts and speciality attachments to meet your lifting needs.
Fort Lifts
  • 4,000 - 80,000lb
  • up to 900 Ton Gantrys

  • Booms
  • Fingers
  • Finger Extensions
  • Hopper

Specialized Hauling

  We have the experience to move virtually any type of load any distance across the U.S.   Our fleet of 150 trailers includes: